Saturday, July 3, 2010

Food & Love

"All I need is food and creative love" ~Rusted Root

I consider myself extremely lucky to have a husband who both loves to cook for me, but who also appreciates my cooking for him. And not just appreciates it because he is hungry and there is food ready for him, but who enjoys the process all the way from discussing what to eat through cooking and eating it, and of course, analyzing and noting how to improve it. This routine is the foundation of how we met and fell in love, and remains a big part of who we are as a couple. The above lyrics would be just a little better suited to our relationship if they were "All I is need is love and creative food."

For our first anniversary, I was treated to a repeat of the dinner that my husband made me for our first date. It was a true celebration of love and food. The fact that he put so much care into it the first time and then remembered it and recreated it was the best present I could have asked for. We started with a knife and fork salad, which he made with long, crisp Romaine leaves topped with a dried cherries, blue cheese, slivered almonds, Ranch dressing and a drizzle of Balsamic reduction.

This was followed by roasted red pepper soup, made lovingly without a drop of cream since my stomach doesn't handle that very well. The basil and shaved parmesan were not only pretty but tasted beautiful.

But the grande finale was the highlight: the most delicious, Asian-inspired crab cakes I've ever had. There was a Thai Chili Remoulade that was out of this world. It was served under the crab cakes, but I opted to bring the extra bowl of it over and smother my crab cake in it. To cut the richness of the crab and sauce there were salad greens just kissed with olive oil and salt on top. (Sadly, my picture does not do this justice...I must work on my photography!)

I promise I will work up a recipe to post soon,this time standing over his shoulder while he makes it. They were so yummy!

The first incantation of this dinner was several years ago now, and I still have crystal clear memories of not just the food, but of our conversation and getting to know one another. I'm pretty sure the food was about the same the second time around as the first, but somehow, since our relationship has developed, round two was a much, much better meal.

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